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Irvine Eats


Last month, my mom and I went to visit my brother down in Irvine. Why, do you ask? Well, for starters, he goes to school down there. He’s a junior in college. It’s also my first time visiting his school. Finally, right? Well, every time my parents went, I always had a reason to stay behind. I figured it was finally time to check it out.

It was also an excuse for a mini-vacation and all the different selections of food. I had a plenty to eat while I was down there and was very pleased at where I ate. Let’s take a look at a few of the most enjoyable places.

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Strawberry-Cream Cheese Cupcakes


I have always been a fan of cupcakes, even before Sprinkles existed.  I loved the idea of having a mini cake all to yourself, not just a slice of a cake.  Not only that, you can also get the perfect amount of frosting with your cupcake!  I’m the kind of person who wants the middle of the cake, because it doesn’t have too much frosting like the end piece does.  Cupcakes are the best kind of cake out there!

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