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Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes

sponge cupcake

I have always loved going to weddings. Weddings are such a happy time because everyone is celebrating love. However, throughout the years, I have liked weddings for different reasons. Right now, it’s about celebrating love and no one is really sad, but when I was a child, I used to like to go to weddings to see the bride all dressed up and the most important part… THE CAKE.

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Junior’s Original Cheesecake

original little fella 04

Sometimes you feel like you’ve had such a bad day that you just need to do something that will make you feel better… anything to get your mind off of all the bad things and just focus on what you are doing in the moment. Baking is that thing that helps me get through those bad times. I feel like no matter what I bake, I have a recipe right beside me to help me out.

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Diddy Rieses Cookies


Continuing on to my trip to SoCal months and months ago… I had such a blast. It was my first road trip with just my dad and it was pretty fun. We didn’t have the greatest relationship when I was younger. But now that I’m older, and somewhat wiser, we can bond. Do things together. Eat. Talk. And just… bond. You know… that kind of deal.

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Le Moose Crepe Cafe

Living in the Bay Area has some perks. There are quite a few good places to eat. I haven’t explored too much, but I plan to! I enjoy eating my meals at home just because it’s cheaper and you can do anything you want while eating. Watch movies or TV shows. Read magazines or books. But it’s always nice to sit down with people you care about in a different environment… like this restaurant.

Le Moose is a Thai and crepe place. I found out about this place because it’s right next to my favorite Korean fried chicken place. The restaurant has an open kitchen, meaning you can see them make the food.

Even though my mind was set on ordering a crepe, I decided to go with Pineapple Fried Rice. I saw that on the menu, and knew that I just had to get that. Who knew pineapples can taste great in fried rice?!


But no worries, I also tried the Chicken Pesto crepe. It is their most popular crepe. I’m not sure how I feel about this crepe. I have had it twice so far, and there’s nothing too special about it. I feel like I can just make it at home and it would taste the same. But nonetheless, it was still very satisfying.


And for dessert, I chose the strawberry nutella crepe. I love how they did not skimp on the strawberries. They were warm, soft, and juicy, just a how strawberries should be. The nutella was a nice touch for the crepe with strawberries.


I really enjoy this cafe because they have good quality food and they have really tasty desserts. Definitely a place to go back to try more things on the menu because they are likely all good!

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Las Vegas Eats Part 2

This past weekend, I took another trip to Las Vegas. There was lots of fun to be had. Family came because we were there for a wedding. It was an intimate wedding with close friends and immediate family. I enjoyed it. But I’m not here to talk about the wedding; I’m here to discuss the food that I ate while I was in Vegas.

Serendipity 3
First stop: Serendipity of course! When we first landed, we were starving. I instantly said we should eat at Serendipity. I swear, they have the best french fries and deep-fried oreos. I would have ordered the deep-fried oreo sundae again, but we agreed that we should try something different. This time, we ordered the Jackpot Sundae (or so I think it’s called). It is basically dark chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream with strawberry and chocolate syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream.


I enjoyed this sundae very much, but it was quite rich and we weren’t able to finish it all. I’m sorry jackpot sundae, but you made us full to quickly.

Pink’s Hot Dogs
I wanted to go here when I visited Vegas back in March, but we just didn’t have enough time to walk all the way down to Planet Hollywood for these dogs. This time, since we stayed in a closer hotel, we were able to enjoy the beauty that is Pink’s.


I ordered the chili dog, since it was the most popular one. It was also my first time having a hot dog with chili on it too. That was a mistake. I found out that I am not a big fan of chili. So while the hot dog was delicious, the chili on top was not (to me at least). Next time I come here, I am ordering what I am familiar with… just a plain hot dog.

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies


All of you just might have figured out that I love strawberries. I love to eat or drink anything that is or tastes like strawberries. I don’t know why, but it’s just so juicy, sweet, tangy, and tasty all at the same time. Now that it is strawberry season, I see a bunch of strawberry recipes. I was so ecstatic when I saw these, but I absolutely jumped for joy when I saw a recipe for strawberry cookies! I saw this recipe on a bunch of food blogs that I read, so I knew it had to be good. I had to make them right away and it was so perfect, because I had about 3 pounds of strawberries sitting my the fridge.

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Fenton’s Creamery Part 2

Ah, Fenton’s. I enjoy the atmosphere there for the little time I spent getting my ice cream to-go when I blogged about it here a couple months ago. I wanted to stay and eat there so badly, but was so frustrated with how tough it was to find parking. Now I had an excuse to go back there, and I certainly did… for W-‘s birthday a couple weeks after that! I planned a whole day for us and going to Fenton’s for lunch was one of them. We went earlier this time so it would be easier to find parking.

We got wonderful booth seats and the place was practically empty around 11am. The service is great too. If you never ate there before, the waiter would most definitely tell you about their foods. Yum, their meals are so delicious! You would think that since it is a creamery that the food would taste horrible, but nope. It’s quite up there on my list.

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