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Porto’s Bakery and Cafe


My last trip to SoCal was very productive, in regards to being a foodie. I had so many delicious sweets and meals (yes, sweets come first!) that I didn’t get to try all that I wanted to when I was there. I guess I’m just lucky enough to even try these places. I shall go back and try something different when I have the chance.

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Fenton’s Creamery Part 2

Ah, Fenton’s. I enjoy the atmosphere there for the little time I spent getting my ice cream to-go when I blogged about it here a couple months ago. I wanted to stay and eat there so badly, but was so frustrated with how tough it was to find parking. Now I had an excuse to go back there, and I certainly did… for W-‘s birthday a couple weeks after that! I planned a whole day for us and going to Fenton’s for lunch was one of them. We went earlier this time so it would be easier to find parking.

We got wonderful booth seats and the place was practically empty around 11am. The service is great too. If you never ate there before, the waiter would most definitely tell you about their foods. Yum, their meals are so delicious! You would think that since it is a creamery that the food would taste horrible, but nope. It’s quite up there on my list.

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I went on a day trip to San Francisco… again. I went mainly for shopping. I love shopping. So much. But I got hungry. Oh so hungry. My friends and I decided to go search for ‘wichcraft. I saw this place a while ago and have been wanting to eat there since then. Well, ever since that morning.

I’m a big Top Chef fan, as some of you might know. So when I found out Tom Colicchio found ‘wichcraft, it made me want to eat there even more.

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Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery

Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich with White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

Specialty’s is probably my favorite sandwich place to eat. They have the freshest bread I have ever tasted in a sandwich, a wide variety of sandwiches to please everyone and they have some of the yummiest cookies ever! My favorite sandwich so far?

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