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I went on a day trip to San Francisco… again. I went mainly for shopping. I love shopping. So much. But I got hungry. Oh so hungry. My friends and I decided to go search for ‘wichcraft. I saw this place a while ago and have been wanting to eat there since then. Well, ever since that morning.

I’m a big Top Chef fan, as some of you might know. So when I found out Tom Colicchio found ‘wichcraft, it made me want to eat there even more.

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Golden Gate Bakery


Chinese New Year is a glorious celebration.  It’s always fun to hear about all the superstitions of the new year.  Somehow, every year I learn a new one.  Did you know that egg rolls resemble gold bars and that represents wealth for the new year?  Also, this year, I was able to catch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown San Francisco on my journey to the Golden Gate Bakery.

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