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The Chewy Revisited

the chewy revisited 04

A couple years ago, I decided to try and make Alton Brown’s version of the classic Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie and decided that this is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (as you might have seen here). The only thing I changed was the size of the cookie. I didn’t have the same size scooper as Alton Brown used in the recipe, so I just used the one I had on hand.

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Diddy Rieses Cookies


Continuing on to my trip to SoCal months and months ago… I had such a blast. It was my first road trip with just my dad and it was pretty fun. We didn’t have the greatest relationship when I was younger. But now that I’m older, and somewhat wiser, we can bond. Do things together. Eat. Talk. And just… bond. You know… that kind of deal.

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Cookie Dough Candy Cookies


This past week went by so fast. Either I was having way too much fun in Disneyland or I am swamped at work with closing the books for the end of the month. I think I was just having too much fun.

I did happen to go to Disneyland over Memorial Day weekend. It was a nice long weekend to spend at my favorite theme park. I love everything about this place. When I am there, I feel like nothing in the world will go wrong and it does feel like the happiest place on Earth (for me anyway… I don’t know about all those other screaming kids).

There are just a few things that I always do whenever I make a trip here.

1. Get a churro. So worth the $3.50. No other churro like it.
2. Go on Splash Mountain as many times as humanly possible and always asking for the front.
3. Beat someone on Toy Story Mania in California Adventure.
4. Get a surprise Vinylmation. Now this has become a fairly recent tradition, but it is so fun to do.

Before my trip, I made these little babies.

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Mr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m just crazy about chocolate chip cookies. There’s no question about it. I crave it all the time. I also have a knack for knowing which chocolate chip cookies are good just by looking at them.

For work, I am required to make frequent trips to the bank. At my company’s bank, they have a food table. They always have coffee, lollipops, and quite often, chocolate chip cookies! The first time I saw these cookies, I said to myself I must take one. I can tell they were good because they were plump and had a wonderful dark color to it. Once I tasted it, I knew it was home-made. It kind of tastes like my chocolate chip cookies, but a bit more salter. I still very much enjoyed it. Since then (about two weeks ago), I’ve been taking one every day. 🙂

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A Mini Twist on The Chewy


Chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies ever! Nothing can beat them. You know what makes them even better (and even cuter)? Mini-size chocolate chip cookies! I don’t know what it is about mini-sized foods or any object for that matter, I just find them so much cuter!

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Alton Brown’s The Chewy (aka the best CCC)


Did you know that chocolate chip cookies are the most baked cookie in American homes? Found that out on Good Eats, a great show on Food Network.  Well, this is definitely true in my home.  Who knows how many times I made chocolate chip cookies.  My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe has always been the Toll House recipe.  I think this has changed now that I have tried Alton Brown’s (host of Good Eats) recipe for a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

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