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Trick-or-Treat Cookies

trick-or-treat cookies 19

Cut-out sugar cookies are something that I want to master. They’re just so versatile and you can make them for any occasion with just a good sugar cookie recipe, some cookie cutters, and royal icing. When I saw these cookies on Not Martha’s website a few weeks back, I knew I had to try these. Sure, it might be way out of my league (I’ve only made cut-out sugar cookies twice in the past), but I knew I wanted to try them in the near future. I immediately sent the link to D- thinking he’d be amused by the cookie, and he told me that his workplace is actually holding a bake-off for their Halloween party. We totally were going to make this for the bake-off.

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Cookie Dough Candy Cookies


This past week went by so fast. Either I was having way too much fun in Disneyland or I am swamped at work with closing the books for the end of the month. I think I was just having too much fun.

I did happen to go to Disneyland over Memorial Day weekend. It was a nice long weekend to spend at my favorite theme park. I love everything about this place. When I am there, I feel like nothing in the world will go wrong and it does feel like the happiest place on Earth (for me anyway… I don’t know about all those other screaming kids).

There are just a few things that I always do whenever I make a trip here.

1. Get a churro. So worth the $3.50. No other churro like it.
2. Go on Splash Mountain as many times as humanly possible and always asking for the front.
3. Beat someone on Toy Story Mania in California Adventure.
4. Get a surprise Vinylmation. Now this has become a fairly recent tradition, but it is so fun to do.

Before my trip, I made these little babies.

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