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Golden Gate Bakery


Chinese New Year is a glorious celebration.  It’s always fun to hear about all the superstitions of the new year.  Somehow, every year I learn a new one.  Did you know that egg rolls resemble gold bars and that represents wealth for the new year?  Also, this year, I was able to catch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown San Francisco on my journey to the Golden Gate Bakery.

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Joan’s on Third


I was so lucky that Joan’s on Third just happened to be walking distance from our hotel. We ate here for lunch both Saturday and Sunday. I must admit that we didn’t really have a lunch on Saturday… it was more like a dessert. Dessert before dinner? Guilty!

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Beard Papa’s

Original Cream Puff

This past weekend, my mom was showing me this new asian market in town. I love me some asian food! Pocky, Yan Yan’s, delicious crackers and candies. Yum! Isn’t that what most people go there for? 🙂 Anyway, it was fun to see all the different kinds of foods in the food court. I had just ate lunch, so I didn’t get to try them, but it didn’t hurt to look, right? After we looked at the food court, we went to the grocery store they had there. We bought some munchies of course. Then my mom saved the best for last.

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A Danish Experience

Paula's Special

On my way to a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, there’s a little town nearby called Solvang that was calling my name. I heard that this is a quaint little town full of great food, more specifically, danish food! When I first heard of Solvang, the first thing that came to mind were danish pastries… oh so delicious breakfast treats! I didn’t get to stay there that long, but I did get to eat breakfast and grab a quick pastry to try, which is really what I wanted anyways.

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Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery

Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich with White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

Specialty’s is probably my favorite sandwich place to eat. They have the freshest bread I have ever tasted in a sandwich, a wide variety of sandwiches to please everyone and they have some of the yummiest cookies ever! My favorite sandwich so far?

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