The Chewy Revisited

the chewy revisited 04

A couple years ago, I decided to try and make Alton Brown’s version of the classic Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie and decided that this is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (as you might have seen here). The only thing I changed was the size of the cookie. I didn’t have the same size scooper as Alton Brown used in the recipe, so I just used the one I had on hand.

the chewy revisited 01

Speed it up to now, and my scooper collection has expanded to three sizes: small, medium, and large. The large one that I got from Williams Sonoma is the exact size that Alton Brown used. Check it out:

the chewy revisited 02

So after making the same recipe, I came up with this lovely cookie.

the chewy revisited 03

Ok, ok… so it isn’t his EXACT recipe. I might have added some pecans because I needed to use them up, but they still tasted pretty darn good! When I passed them out at work, everyone said it was a very big cookie! It was! Maybe too big for me. I like to eat these in smaller portions, so maybe I will stick to making medium-scooped cookies. I think if you were to maybe sell them at a bake sale, then the large cookie is the way to go.

To get this recipe, you can visit my previous post here.

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