Good Eats… and Some TV

It’s that moment you get home after a long day of work. You have a list of things you want to get done in your head, but your whole mind and body just wants to lie down and watch some good ol’ TV cuz you’re just that tired. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. For some reason, there’s never anything good on when I want to watch TV.

That’s where TiVo comes in.

TiVo allows you to record all the shows you can possibly think of, but how does my TiVo look like? It is basically my dream Food Network channel. “What do you mean, Krystal?”… you might ask. Well, I will tell you what I mean… in four main points, er, shows.

The Pioneer Woman

Back when D- first found out he got Food Network on his cable provider (silly him, had it all along, just didn’t know it), I told him I wanted to record this show. I’ve been following her blog for over a year, and her stories and recipes always catch my eye. When I found out she was making a show on Food Network, I jumped right on it.

I enjoyed the connection she made with taping the show and writing her blog. She would take pictures during her step-by-step process, and that I can relate to. She makes it look so easy.

I am excited for her show to come back in August. I can’t wait to see what recipes she is going to show us. I personally enjoy watching the desserts. 😛

Restaurant: Impossible

This show, I found, and enjoyed, by accident. Back when D- changed cable providers, he said that every girl needs their Food Network channel. That is true! So we would always watch this channel when he first “got” it. That’s where this show came in.

For those of you who don’t watch it, it’s about Robert Irvine going to different restaurants each episode. These restaurants all have one thing in common: they are failing miserably. For what reason? It varies. Irvine tells you what is wrong in the beginning of the episode, and fixes it up throughout.

I enjoy watching this show for two main reasons: (1) to see how bad a restaurant can really get and (2) how pretty Irvine makes the restaurant with the decor and the menu.


I’ve always enjoyed watching shows that reveal how things are made, and this is no exception. On this show, you get to see all your favorite foods being made from peanut butter to frozen dinners. Yeah, this show has the many puns, but it’s kind of funny how many of them Marc Summers can use in one episode.

Good Eats

This is a classic Food Network show. After watching many shows on this channel, Good Eats is still my favorite. I remember watching a clip of it in high school, and it made learning so much fun! I wondered if I could ever watch this show again because I rarely saw it on the schedule. Luckily, I used my handy TiVo and found out that they still show this show once a day on Food Network.

Now I always have something great to watch whenever I come home and feel like lounging around.

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