Diddy Rieses Cookies


Continuing on to my trip to SoCal months and months ago… I had such a blast. It was my first road trip with just my dad and it was pretty fun. We didn’t have the greatest relationship when I was younger. But now that I’m older, and somewhat wiser, we can bond. Do things together. Eat. Talk. And just… bond. You know… that kind of deal.

We did a bunch of stuff together. We went to the Santa Monica Pier. Tried Barney’s Beanery. Then some cuban food. Much eating was happening. Then some weight-gaining. It’s cool.

But then there comes Diddy Rieses. What’s a few more lbs?

Doesn’t that ice cream sandwich look so tasty!? Yep yep, it is tasty. You’ll find it even more tasty once you find out how much you can get one of these for…


You got it… $1.50!!! It’s such a good deal for a whole ice cream sandwich. The cookies are soft and fresh. The ice cream is creamy. And they definitely don’t skimp on the ice cream!

I think it can definitely be a hit or miss on Diddy Riese’s for some people because it all depends on the cookie and ice cream combination you choose. You might like the white chocolate macadamia cookie. You might like mint chocolate chip ice cream. But do they go together? Maybe not (sorry dear brother for your unfortunate encounter with Diddy Riese’s). Just think of what might be a good combo. If it didn’t taste good, try another one. I swear, Diddy Riese’s has some good stuff. And it’s cheap too, so make as many combos as you want!

Click here for more information

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