Porto’s Bakery and Cafe


My last trip to SoCal was very productive, in regards to being a foodie. I had so many delicious sweets and meals (yes, sweets come first!) that I didn’t get to try all that I wanted to when I was there. I guess I’m just lucky enough to even try these places. I shall go back and try something different when I have the chance.

The first stop in my trip was Porto’s Bakery and Cafe.


I was so overwhelmed with this bakery because the shop is abnormally huge for a bakery/cafe. One side of the shop was for the cafe and one side was just for the bakery.

We went to the bakery side first, of course! You can also order cafe stuff too on this side, but they won’t have any of them displayed. Go to the cafe side for that, I’m assuming. I did not have the chance to look on this side because I was so focused on having me some baked goods.

My dad ordered this hot pastrami sandwich.


It came with some banana chips. The sandwich was really fresh and it was the perfect meat to bread ratio.

My dad and I got some smoothies to go along with the sandwich. He ordered the Guava smoothie (left) and I order the Strawberry smoothie (right).


These smoothies were pretty good. It was the perfect consistency and the taste was not too sweet.

For dessert, we got the mango mousse.


The mousse was creamy with a bit of cake on the bottom. Plus, it looks so cute!

Then we had to get a cupcake… a red velvet cupcake!


What is that on the top of the cupcake, you ask? Why, it’s a flower petal. Pretty neat, huh? But… don’t eat it! Well, I guess you could, but I’m pretty sure it’s a real flower petal. The cupcake tasted great though! I’m not a big fan of red velvet cupcakes, but this one is moist and not too dense. The cream cheese frosting was also not too sweet, which to me, makes a perfect red velvet cupcake.

For breakfast the next day, I ordered a chocolate chip muffin. I love me some sweets in the morning! These muffins is a perfect breakfast option for that!


I really need to come back here and try more savory (and sweet!) items. This trip was very short and packed, so I only grabbed as much as we can handle. Next time…

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