Portland: Voodoo Doughnut


M- told us about this tourist attraction. She said everyone who goes to Portland goes to Voodoo Doughnut. It’s quite funny though, because she’s lived there for 10 years and she just recently went here for the first time. She went with W- and I to here for her second time.

I would suggest going to their website and deciding what you want because the menu is so tiny!

Yes, I have a clear picture of the menu, but you can’t read it when you are at the back of the shop!

Voodoo gets extremely popular apparently too!


So we arrived here for dessert. The line was out the door. I swear it’s like an adventure going through this line. It’s definitely not boring. While we were waiting in line, i saw this tray of doughnuts and got excited because they all look so fun and different!


I also noticed this coffin (I was in line for quite some time, so my camera wandered…):


That’s a crazy amount of doughnuts! I wonder how many people ordered that! Must be just for parties or doughnut challenges!

Speaking of doughnut challenges, while I was waiting in line, I saw someone order this huge glazed doughnut…. the Texas Challenge.


The challenge was to eat that doughnut in one minute and twenty seconds. This one family from California decided to do the challenge. The girl who decided to eat the doughnut seemed to be in high school and she didn’t even get through a third of the doughnut. That doughnut must have been the size of a human head! I kind of wanted to get one when I saw it online, but I decided not to when I saw it in person.

When you get closer to the front of the line, you can see this display of doughnuts! Z- said that the case is usually spinning, but it wasn’t. I wasn’t able to see all of the different kinds of doughnuts!


We took the doughnuts to-go so we can eat them at M-‘s house. They come in a classic pink box.


Z- got the voodoo doll… it has raspberry filling (for the blood).


W- and M- got the Portland cream… with Bavarian cream filling. M- couldn’t finish hers so she put it in a plastic baggie. She’s her own food saver because what she does is zip the baggie two-thirds of the way, then sucks out all of the air out of the bag. Now the air is gone from the food and stays fresher longer without that fancy machine! So smart M-!


W- got another doughnut because he loves them. This is the Diablo’s Rex. It’s double chocolate!


I got the captain my captain… it’s captain crunch cereal! I chose this one because I love to put this cereal in my frozen yogurt and it’s one of the most colorful doughnuts there. Yes, I do eat with my eyes 😀


I have tried all of these doughnuts, and enjoyed my Captain my Captain doughnut the best… although I did have scrapes in my mouth from all of the cereal. Oh well.. it was worth it! The one I didn’t enjoy as much is the Diablo Rex doughnut. The chocolate doughnut itself was a bit dry and dry is not good.

I would have tried much much more, but my stomach cannot allow that much doughnut in one night. If you do go to the Voodoo Doughnut, try the Texas Challenge.

It will probably be delicious.

It will probably make you sick.

But it will probably be so much fun!

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