Portland: Pambiche


I don’t know how true it is, but M- said that for all of the ten years she’s lived in Portland, she has yet to try half of the restaurants in the area. It shows how much variety of food Portland has to offer, and that is what I love about this city.

The next night, we all decided that we would try a different cuisine. M- loves Cuban food, so we decided to go to Pambiche. She said if she could, she’d eat here every single day. At first I thought she was crazy, but after trying their food, I am a new fan of Cuban food.

I ordered the Lengua en Salsa meal and I loved every single bite of it! The juicy pork was so tender and the sauce reminded me of beef stew (love!) and the plantains are like healthier french fries to me!

What M- told me is that Cuban food is cooked with more fruit. No wonder I am a big fan of their food!

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I will leave you with some lovely flowers. We went to the Rose Garden in Washington Park. It has a bunch of different flowers and it’s crazy how many weddings I saw that day! Well, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures with my new lenses. I wanted some good bokeh! Enjoy!





I saved my favorite picture for last:


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