Portland: Saint Cupcake


After having a delicious lunch at Dick’s Kitchen, we all decided that we were craving cupcakes. It was quite a coincidence really that we ate dessert here. What I have been doing lately before I go on these mini trips is look for a good cupcake or bakery in the area. The one I stumbled upon was Saint Cupcake. I didn’t tell M- that I wanted to go this place yet, but her friend C- was craving cupcakes and the place that we happened to go was Saint Cupcake.

Saint Cupcake has a cute little shop just a couple buildings away from Dick’s Kitchen. Pretty convenient, huh? This bakery actually doubles as a shop too! I didn’t go in, but it looked like there were a bunch of antique things. What I mainly looked at was this cute little wall across from the cupcakes.


It has stationery, ribbons, party favors, and other little gadgets. Such a cute looking wall. I love how bookshelves can make a room look so unique with different things tucked in them.



The cupcakes I ended up getting after a long deliberation was the big top (vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate chips with green vanilla cream cheese frosting) and a regular vanilla cupcake. They have regular-sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes if you feel like having more than one flavor like me.


The cupcakes were not overly sweet and the texture was a bit fluffy, which is what I like. I loved the chocolate chips on top with the Big Top cupcake. It’s a nice surprise. If you are looking to fulfill your cupcake craving, this place will do it.

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1 thought on “Portland: Saint Cupcake

  1. Yvette

    What a colourful mouth watering display of cupcakes, and What a wonderful idea for storing and using ribbon. That’s a keeper for sure! Nothing like a bit of colour to brighten up your day and sweet cravings!


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