Portland: Dick’s Kitchen


This past holiday weekend was spent in Portland… Keep Portland Weird, as they say. I’ve done lots for having only been there for two days. When I say lots, I mean lots of eating. Yes, indeed. I was shown around by a Portland native of all the places she loves to eat at.

I had an early flight that Saturday morning and arrived at Portland around 10am. I was starving when I finally got to M-‘s house where I was staying for my time in Portland. After I got settled in, we were hungry. She named all these places that we can eat at, and we landed on Dick’s Kitchen first.

They are most known for their burgers. Dick’s has all these crazy meats and combos for burgers, and it’s pretty cool. Three out of the four of us ordered sliders, just so we can try the different meats. There was Buffalo, Elk, Turkey, and Beef… there was much more, but these are the ones that I can remember.

Also, their fries are not fried! They are technically air-baked. I’m not sure what that means, but it sure tastes fried, just not as greasy. They call them “Not-Fries.” And for dipping sauce, they make a bunch of their own sauces! They even make their own ketchup. Pretty neat, I must say.

I ordered the sliders… one of them was beef and the other turkey. I got a side of not-fries with chipotle ketchup. I loved my meal. The sliders were not at all soggy, the meat was cooked well, and they add their own little sauce in them. Did I forget to mention that they also make their own bread for their burgers. It’s like a home-cooked meal, but better! The only part of my meal that I wasn’t too crazy about were the fries. They tasted like regular fries that I could make at home. I did try M-‘s yam-not-fries and they were much more tasty. They have a sweetness to it that makes it more appealing.

Overall this is a pretty fun burger joint. It’s not your typical one for it has all kinds of meats and healthy options for you. Buffalo is actually better for you because it’s more lean. I did not know that until M- told me. If you do get some Not-fries, get the yam ones. They have a better taste and healthier for you than regular Not-fries.

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