Fenton’s Creamery Part 2

Ah, Fenton’s. I enjoy the atmosphere there for the little time I spent getting my ice cream to-go when I blogged about it here a couple months ago. I wanted to stay and eat there so badly, but was so frustrated with how tough it was to find parking. Now I had an excuse to go back there, and I certainly did… for W-‘s birthday a couple weeks after that! I planned a whole day for us and going to Fenton’s for lunch was one of them. We went earlier this time so it would be easier to find parking.

We got wonderful booth seats and the place was practically empty around 11am. The service is great too. If you never ate there before, the waiter would most definitely tell you about their foods. Yum, their meals are so delicious! You would think that since it is a creamery that the food would taste horrible, but nope. It’s quite up there on my list.

This is their ice cream area where they serve all of their ice cream. I love the little mural. It’s their special for the month.


I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich with a side of curly fries. I love curly fries. It’s one of my weaknesses. I just can’t say no to them. The sandwich was good too.


W- got one of his favorite meals, Chicken Strips with a side of french fries. These were some good stuff. Crispy and hot. Always a good choice for a meal.


After having tried these two meals, I would have to say that their food is delicious. It just hits the spot when you are hungry. It’s also great right before some ice cream!

This is the Fenton’s Special. It’s got the three basic ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) with sorbets on top (pineapple, raspberry, and orange) and last but not least, carmel, strawberry and chocolate syrup!  W- and I saw this in a picture on the wall.  It’s one of those vintage pictures with a little boy digging into his ice cream.  That picture inspired us to order it.


This is the special of the month with Swiss chocolate and mocha ice cream. It’s got a cookie on the bottom! The cookie wasn’t that great, but the ice cream was pretty good. I think Swiss chocolate is going to be my favorite flavor at Fenton’s because I’ve had it both times I came here.


I would love to come back here every weekend, it’s that good! Everything about this place makes me smile, except the parking situation. That can go away please.

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2 thoughts on “Fenton’s Creamery Part 2

  1. Lindalou

    Their food has always been great. Our favorite is the Tuna sandwich, but with the bread grilled and my fave Ice Cream there is Swiss Milk Chocolate. They come up with some pretty interesting concoctions for the monthly specials. I’ve been going to Fenton’s since I was a kid and so has my Mom. It’s a family tradition. Parking on the Avenue can be a challenge, but once you are inside and enjoying the food and Ice Cream it’s worth it!!

    1. Krystal Post author

      That’s so neat! I can see Fenton’s as being a tradition, just like in the movie Up! I think it’s one of my absolute favorite ice cream places.


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