Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Mr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m just crazy about chocolate chip cookies. There’s no question about it. I crave it all the time. I also have a knack for knowing which chocolate chip cookies are good just by looking at them.

For work, I am required to make frequent trips to the bank. At my company’s bank, they have a food table. They always have coffee, lollipops, and quite often, chocolate chip cookies! The first time I saw these cookies, I said to myself I must take one. I can tell they were good because they were plump and had a wonderful dark color to it. Once I tasted it, I knew it was home-made. It kind of tastes like my chocolate chip cookies, but a bit more salter. I still very much enjoyed it. Since then (about two weeks ago), I’ve been taking one every day. 🙂

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