Fenton’s Creamery – the ice cream of Up!

My brother came to visit us during his spring break from college. We hung out. Had some Ben and Jerry’s and chatted. It was all good fun. Then the topic of Fenton’s came up very briefly, but it lingered in my mind for quite some time.


Fenton’s is famously known for being shown in the Pixar film, Up. I love that movie. I must have cried at least four times during that movie. Such a touching film. Pixar has a knack for doing these kinds of touching movies. I love it. I found out from my dad that Fenton’s is an actual ice cream shop and it’s right here in the bay area! I don’t know why I waited so long to try this place.

Not only does Fenton’s have ice cream, they have food there too! Sandwiches, burgers, and salad for people who want to save their stomaches for their ice cream.

W- and I decided to go to Fenton’s for a late lunch. Boy, was that a terrible decision. Not only did we get stuck in traffic practically half of the trip, but we could not find parking for the life of us. We searched for about 10 minutes and decided to give up and just get ice cream to go. W- had to drive around while I go and pick our flavors. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to soak in the atmosphere of Fenton’s and enjoy a nice time there.

Oh well… next time.


I had such a hard time picking flavors. I think it was due to my slight disappointment, but I would just like to think it was because there were so many eye-catching flavors. I got to try quite a few of them. They only have about 12 to 15 flavors, but they are all different.

I decided to get swiss milk chocolate for W- because he likes chocolate and vanilla. The ice cream lady also informed me that this was one of their popular flavors, so I said “what the heck, why not.” I love the flavor this has to it. It’s not your typical vanilla ice cream. It kind of reminds me of chocolate chip ice cream, but better.


For me… since I love peanut butter… and chocolate… I got chocolate peanut butter crunch. It’s chocolate ice cream with peanuts and smooth peanut butter swirls (which to me were more like globs, but that’s ok). I really enjoyed this flavor. I was kind of indecisive about this flavor because I just had a similar ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s, but I decided to go for it once I saw some other customer get it.


I love the little containers the to-go ice cream comes in. Each carton is perfect for one generous dessert or to share with another person. As for the ice cream, the flavors are like twists off original flavors and the texture is perfect… so creamy, way better than Cold Stone’s texture. And I hear that Fenton’s makes their ice creams fresh in house. How great is that!?

I will have to come back here again and actually stay and eat at the restaurant for more than five minutes. It’s definitely a great place for ice cream, especially since they stay open late! My dad went to Fenton’s almost 25 years ago with one of his friends and said that it was crowded back then. Now that Up advertised this place, it’s more crowded than ever. Good job Fenton’s Creamery!

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3 thoughts on “Fenton’s Creamery – the ice cream of Up!

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  2. DP

    So funny that you didn’t know about Fenton’s. I found it many moons ago, back in my college days. Sadly, I still haven’t seen “Up”. 😛


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