I went on a day trip to San Francisco… again. I went mainly for shopping. I love shopping. So much. But I got hungry. Oh so hungry. My friends and I decided to go search for ‘wichcraft. I saw this place a while ago and have been wanting to eat there since then. Well, ever since that morning.

I’m a big Top Chef fan, as some of you might know. So when I found out Tom Colicchio found ‘wichcraft, it made me want to eat there even more.

It’s a super modern atmosphere and it’s a great place to sit down and relax, read, or just chat with some friends.

I ordered the roasted free-range chicken warm sandwich. It includes cauliflower too. On ciabatta roll. Delicious.

There’s not that many choices, but I’m sure they are all great. You also get some free chips with your sandwich. These chips were crunchy and tasty. I would definitely come back and try a different sandwich just because my sandwich was a good representation of ‘wichcraft.

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