Magnolia Bakery


My last bakery visit in LA. I had no idea that there was a Magnolia’s in LA until my dessert lunch at Joan’s on Third. We were walking back to our hotel when we spotted this teal and white shop that looked so appealing to me. I didn’t notice until we were walking closer to it that it was a Magnolia’s! I was so excited because I have heard so many good things about their baked goods.

When we first arrived at Magnolia’s, I had no idea what I wanted to get. I was starring at the cupcakes and was thinking of what flavor to get. They all looked so good. After what felt like hours, I finally decided on a classic flavor, the red velvet cupcake, and a unique flavor, orange cake and orange-cream filling with orange meringue buttercream.

Their cupcakes have a homey feel to them, which I like. The red velvet was one of the best I have tasted. However, I do think they put too much frosting on top. I need just the right frosting to cake ratio and this is not it. However, still tasty!


The orange cupcake was a disappointment. It barely had any flavor and the buttercream had a weird texture. And again, too much frosting.


We also went back to the bakery the last day we were in town and this time, all bars! I was so glad I came back because the cupcakes were somewhat of a disappointment. I love the bars so much better.

This is the peanut butter brittle bar. This bar is so soft and chewy and does not taste under baked at all for such a soft cookie. With the chocolate, peanut butter, and toffee, this is a great tasting bar and it is probably my favorite baked good at Magnolia’s.


The next bar I had was a chocolate chunk blondie, kind of a like a chocolate chip cookie. Even though this blondie was very soft, it tasted under baked.


If you ever are at Magnolia’s, you should try the peanut butter brittle bar. It’s the best. Next time I step into this bakery, I will definitely get another one of these and try some of their mini cheesecakes. They looked delicious and cute. Make the dessert mini and it’s irresistible to me. 🙂

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