Crumbs Bake Shop


Don’t just think that I’m done with all the special goodies that I had in LA two weekends ago. I still have a couple more to share with you.

Crumbs Bake Shop. In my opinion, the best cupcake shop by far! It is a gazillion times better than Sprinkles. Unfortunately, there are none near where I live. So every time I go to LA, which has not been too often recently, I make a point to stop by Crumbs.

It was quite funny how I stumbled upon Crumbs my very first time. It was not too long ago, I would say about a year back. I was on a road trip to Disneyland. I heard of Crumbs before we went to So Cal and I said if we can, we should stop by this bakery.

Well, on our way to Disneyland, we stopped at Magic Mountain for a day of roller coasters. We said, what the heck!? It was on the way, so that is what we did. we got at Magic Mountain around 11am and left the park around 5pm. Pretty long day already with a 5 hour drive already behind us. At this point, we were all tired and we couldn’t stay awake for another hour to reach our hotel near Disneyland. I thought in my head that we probably won’t be able to stop at Crumbs. A slight let down, but what can you do? We needed to rest.

By this time, there were no rest stops because we were pretty much in a city, but we didn’t know where to rest. Somehow, after a half hour goes by of searching, we landed at parking at this mall in Glendale. So we rested a bit. I decided to take a look around the mall. And look what just happens to be in this mall… A CRUMBS BAKE SHOP! It was destiny people. Destiny.

Now fast forward to two weekends ago, in Beverly Hills, we were walking around Rodeo Drive, not even looking for Crumbs, and there it was! Another Crumbs Bake Shop! It’s not like they are all over the place like Starbucks, so it is quite interesting how Crumbs just pops up like that. It was just meant to be.

I decided to get a black bottom cupcake.


It’s got little cake bits on top. It makes the cupcake look so much bigger and yummier!


Don’t forget it’s gooey cream cheese center, the main attraction!


I would have to say that out of all the Crumbs cupcakes I have tried, which is quite a few (thank goodness for mini cupcake sets!), I would have to say that this is my favorite! Yes, all of their cakes are moist and delicious, but this one has just the right amount of sweet and chocolate to it. Job well done, Crumbs!

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