Golden Gate Bakery


Chinese New Year is a glorious celebration.  It’s always fun to hear about all the superstitions of the new year.  Somehow, every year I learn a new one.  Did you know that egg rolls resemble gold bars and that represents wealth for the new year?  Also, this year, I was able to catch the Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown San Francisco on my journey to the Golden Gate Bakery.


There were so many festive lanterns and booths along the streets. The lanterns looked so beautiful!


Usually the crowd would get to me, but the streets were closed off so that pedestrians can walk in them. Well, okay. It wasn’t just for people, but for the booths too.

I was very surprised how Chinatown is so easily accessible if I take BART. It’s only a 20 minute walk from Powell. You get a pretty decent walk and you get to enjoy some window-shopping.

I waited probably around 15 minutes in line to get inside the bakery and get some custard tarts! I hear that there is always a line to get into this bakery. I can see why for two reasons: they have some good stuff and the place is so small. I think only about 8 customers can fit in the store somewhat comfortably. It’s worth the wait if you get lots of baked goods.

I have very fond memories of these little tarts. Every time I go to my grandparent’s home, there would be these tarts here. Even if my grandparents did not have them, my parent’s would go to Chinatown and get some. I love them and probably will not get sick of them ever!

I didn’t want to just get a couple… but a dozen! I had to share what might possibly be some darn good tarts. I tried one fresh and boy was it crispy and delicious! I really enjoyed it. I possibly might have had some Golden Gate tarts when I was a little girl, because the texture seems familiar.


I also had to try some bula baus…


and some sponge cakes…


These two treats are also something that I grew up on. I love these too. Golden Gate’s bula bau are pretty good! Crispy tops and soft buns. They might be too plain for some people, but I enjoy a simple, but tasty bun.

The sponge cakes were alright. It had a somewhat lemon taste to it, which I’m not used to. The texture isn’t very fluffy either. I’ve had better in other bakeries.

If you ever do go to this bakery, try the custard tarts. Yum-O!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Golden Gate Bakery
1029 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

Click here for more information

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