Blueberry Crumb Cake


Even though blueberries are not in season yet, we had them in the house. My mom bought them the other day. She figured we can make our own parfaits instead of buying them pre-made at a coffee shop. It’s much cheaper, especially if you get the blueberries in bulk from Costco.

The instant I found out my mom was getting blueberries in bulk, I really wanted to try making blueberry crumb cake again. My first attempt at it was abysmal. The center was not baked and the blueberries were exploding everywhere. This one turned out pretty okay in my books.

The center was still not fully baked, but I think that’s more of my oven’s doing than me. I’m not quite sure yet.

I used my nifty, very tiny, but cute, food processor to make the crumbs.


Once the crumbs are all mixed, you put them in a bowl and move it to the refrigerator until you need it.


Get 2 cups of fresh blueberries and cover them in 2 tbsp of flour. Put aside.


Put together all the dry ingredients and whisk together. Put aside. That’s three different bowls put aside now! One more bowl, and we’re good.


In this last bowl, mix the sugar and orange zest together until the sugar is a little moist. This is the first time I used orange zest. It’s kind of fun.



Add the butter and, with an electric mixer, mix for 3 minutes.



Now add those dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.


With a spatula, add the floured blueberries to the dough.


Add those crumbs from the refrigerator and press down gently. Put in the oven for 55-65 minutes.


Yum, look at that crispy crumb topping.


Now you have a delicious Blueberry Crumb Cake to share or not to share. 🙂 This cake tastes great about 30 minutes after it has been out of the oven. That’s when it’s the perfect warm temperature.

Blueberry Crumb Cake
Recipe from Dorie Greenspan: Baking from My Home to Yours
makes 8 pieces

You can find the full recipe at TheKitchenSinkRecipes blog.

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