Christmas Treats at Work

This past week has been so busy at work that I am so tired right after. What makes the time at work more bearable during this busy time are the yummy treats.

Last week, my supervisor brought back christmas donuts from Krispy Kreme after lunch, and they were so fresh and delicious! Yum!

Isn’t the snowman just the cutest! This particular one is kind of deformed, but the whole idea of a snowman donut is still cute. We had some left over after work, so my supervisor gave me the rest. How nice of her.

One of my other favorite treats that my boss brings back after her trips to our Amsterdam offices are these stroopwafels.

They are crunchy on the outside, but once you bite into them, it’s so chewy. Stroopwafels are supposed to be waffles with a maple-flavored center. It’s my favorite treat that my boss brings back from Europe. I was told they can be found in Cost Plus World Market. I must go see if they do have it. Then I wouldn’t have to anxiously wait for these delicious stroopwafels.

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