Nothing Bundt Cakes


This past Sunday was my birthday. I always have a birthday cake. It’s a must because I love cake. As Eric Forman would say “I love… cake.”

I usually get an ice cream cake, but that’s getting old … fast. I heard about this new place called Nothing Bundt Cakes. Such a corny joke, but all you can do is accept it and eat some cake! On my first visit a couple months ago, I tried the pecan praline and loved it right after I had their sample. I got a sampler box. Loved it. Fast forward to a couple months, and I get this.


Pecan Praline was the sample that I tried and it became my favorite flavor.

I also have these two little mini cakes.


This is their chocolate chocolate chip cake. It has the perfect amount of chocolate because it’s not too sweet and it has chocolate chips in it just as promised.


This is their marble cake. It’s nothing too special, but it still tastes great.

Now the main attraction. This cake is so beautiful! You can choose the flavor, of course, but you can also pick the topper. It’s mostly an arrangement of flowers, but it just makes the cake look extra special. Here’s mine. It’s called “Nothing Bundt Drama.”


I love the purple flowers and the little trinkets add a little something to the arrangement.


I think Nothing Bundt Cakes has become my favorite “cupcake” shop. They look so cute and they taste great. Happy Birthday to me!

Click here for more information

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