Godiva – Top Chef Special


I’ve been watching Top Chef ever since the the 3rd season and I was hooked. One day I was hanging out at my cousin’s house, and Top Chef “happened” to be on, but I knew my cousin knew it was on. Then, I got addicted. I haven’t missed a season since. Then when Top Chef Just Desserts aired, I was so excited! My favorite part of Top Chef was always the desserts, and now they have a show dedicated to it!

I was always slightly disappointed in watching these food competitions. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because you get to see the food be made, but you can’t taste it. I am so glad this changed for one challenge. The chefs had to create four different kinds of chocolate. The winner gets to have their chocolates be mass-produced through Godiva. I was hoping Yigit would win (he’s my favorite), but no, Morgan won. It’s ok though… his chocolates look appetizing too.

After that, I knew I had to try them! I went to Godiva and got a set.


I know… it’s missing the Green Tea. After I tried the Green Tea chocolate, I said to myself “shoot, i forgot to take a picture!!” It’s ok… I’m not a big fan of the green tea anyway.


This yellow one is Passion Fruit. Besides the tiny center of passion fruit, you mainly taste the white chocolate. I would have liked to tasted more passion fruit because I love it! But still, this chocolate is one that I would choose to eat.


This is Chocolate Mendiant, the most intriguing-looking one in my opinion. It also had a different taste. This chocolate was more on the salty side and the center was like a truffle.


The last one is the Acai Berry, my favorite! The chocolate looked so cute with the little red heart, but I was a little disappointed with my particular one. It doesn’t even look like a heart! This one has dark chocolate on the outside, and inside was an acai berry ganache. Very delicious and just the right amount of berry ganache, not like the passion fruit where you can barely taste it.

Want to try them for yourself? You can go to a Godiva shop near you or purchase online! It’s a limited edition, so you better hurry.

Click here for Godiva Chocolates

Top Chef: Just Desserts website

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