Beard Papa’s

Original Cream Puff

This past weekend, my mom was showing me this new asian market in town. I love me some asian food! Pocky, Yan Yan’s, delicious crackers and candies. Yum! Isn’t that what most people go there for? 🙂 Anyway, it was fun to see all the different kinds of foods in the food court. I had just ate lunch, so I didn’t get to try them, but it didn’t hurt to look, right? After we looked at the food court, we went to the grocery store they had there. We bought some munchies of course. Then my mom saved the best for last.

3 Original Vanilla, 2 Chocolate, 1 Coffee

Beard Papa’s specializes in making cream puffs. They also sell these little babies… eclairs! The ones we got were mini eclairs, basically a cream puff dipped in chocolate. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Mini Eclair

I usually don’t like cream puffs, since the only ones I have been exposed to are the frozen ones, but these taste so fresh. The puff has a bit of a crisp when bitten into and the cream isn’t frozen!

Inside the Eclair

My favorite one out of the three flavors we chose is the original vanilla. Beard Papa’s has vanilla or chocolate on a regular basis, but they rotate certain flavors as well (just like most cupcake shops do). For my next visit, I hope to get a strawberry eclair or cream puff.

FUNNY STORY: One of our vendors at work must have been psychic or something because that following workday, they brought a whole box full of Beard Papa’s cream puffs just waiting to be eaten. She must have known that I really enjoyed Beard Papa’s! This cream puff made me happy the rest of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Beard Papa’s

  1. Hannah

    i LOVE cream puffs like beard papa’s. but if you want the real good stuff that’s even better, consider going to Japan for your next holiday! (:


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