A Danish Experience

Paula's Special

On my way to a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, there’s a little town nearby called Solvang that was calling my name. I heard that this is a quaint little town full of great food, more specifically, danish food! When I first heard of Solvang, the first thing that came to mind were danish pastries… oh so delicious breakfast treats! I didn’t get to stay there that long, but I did get to eat breakfast and grab a quick pastry to try, which is really what I wanted anyways.

I had breakfast at Paula’s Pancake House. It was a small little restaurant, but it was packed! I got there around 8:30am and it was just starting to get busy. Since I was at a pancake house, I wanted to order what seems to be what their known for, pancakes! That is why I decided to order Paula’s Special.

That’s a huge pancake, right!? That was my first reaction when I first saw it.  It’s not just any ol’ pancake… it’s a danish pancake!  It’s to die for! I pretty much inhaled it, but still enjoying every single bite of course!  This must have been the best breakfast I ever had to date.  You can get the Paula’s Special with blueberries, apples, or strawberries. Of course I had to get the strawberries! It also comes with whipped cream and syrup.  If you’re ever in Solvang, come and stop by at this pancake house… and order the Paula’s Special.  You’ll love it!

Paula’s Pancake House
1531 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA


As for my pastry to go, there was this bakery next to the pancake house called Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery. They have all sorts of danishes, cookies, and chocolate, but I wanted to know what most people ordered.  So I asked the cashier what was most popular, and she gave me this.

Almond Custard Kringle

I can see why it is so popular. Although, it was kind of sweet for me, so I couldn’t finish the whole pastry in one sitting, but it is definitely one to try! You won’t regret it.

Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery
1529 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA

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