Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookie

At work, our health insurance providers gave the company some cookies and they were from Cheryl’s. I’ve never heard of Cheryl’s before this, but they looked very fancy in the box they came in. Being the cookie fan I am, I just had to grab one… or two 🙂

This was the first cookie that I grabbed. I was in the pumpkin mood, you know, since it is fall and I am beginning to like pumpkin more and more. It is very soft and moist, and I must mention very sweet! This will definitely satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookie Inside

Look at that! It’s the kind of cookie where you can easily break a piece off of it.

I also couldn’t resist grabbing some halloween-themed cookies. They’re buttercream!

Ghost & Pumpkin Buttercream Cookies

Ok, so I grabbed more than two… but can you blame me?  I wanted my family to try how delicious they were too.  Overall, Cheryl’s is pretty tasty, but these cookies are also very sweet. It might possibly be that all of Cheryl’s cookies are on the sweet side, but it’s ok. I would still have one any day just because they still taste yummy and super soft!

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